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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Play Time

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Here’s Joepie showing his toys who’s boss!

Soon he started really liking the bell he’s head butting here. He was kissing it and regurgitate seeds on/for it.

He clearly saw the bell as a friend, which made me so sad. It really is time for him to have his own budgie to play with!



Today in Pictures

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Don’t leave me!

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Joepie does not like being on his own, clearly.
He follows me everywhere!

Getting to know each other

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I love apple!!

Hello lady,
Can I get some more apple?

Joepie can’t fly and this photo clearly shows his wings cross.




Cheeky Chappies

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In the woods where I go running – I wish I could say 3 times a week, let’s not go there – sometimes when you’re lucky you can spot Fallow Deer, or Bambi’s as I call deer and everything like them.

They’re really shy, so they usually hide in between the trees or run when they see people. Except for this duo, that is. They are not faced by some hikers, runners or a girl with a camera pointed at them.

One of them was watching me from the bushes, but after a while he just walked out and passed. His friend was a bit more shy and all of a sudden jumped out and ran after him.

My friend was stretching and didn’t notice the deer standing behind him, wondering what he was doing.


I kept thinking how beautiful they are!

Today in Pictures

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Starting Project Joepie

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The first thing I wanted to change for Joepie were his living conditions. His cage looks a bit boring, and since he can not fly, he has to be able to entertain himself and get exercise some other way.

I want him to have a bigger cage but

  1. he has just moved to a new house with new people, so his cage is the only familiar thing he has
  2. I want to get him a friend in the near future – when introducing a new budgie, keep them in separate cages for the first period. That way they can get to know each other without too much stress. So the new budgie can move into the new cage right away while Joepie lives in his own cage for a bit longer.

So no new cage for Joepie yet.

On the website where I found the most information and where I also joined the online forum, I found a page with cool budgie trees. It got me all inspired, so I got my boyfriend to come with me to the woods and find a good branch to make one ourselves.

This was the end results. Joepie looks happy with it!

I also found a cool climbing toy for him in the pet shop. By the way, pet shops are now my favorite shops. When we are in a new city and see one, I always have to nip in.

So that’s stage 1 complete!