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Budgie Basics

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January 2011

So, now I have a budgie in the house..

In love

Growing up, we always had cats and I don’t really know how to take care of a budgie -except that I always felt strongly that they should not be kept alone- and to be honest, birds always used to scare me a little.

So I spent the next few days googling and googling and googling. I also joined a budgie forum, which I can really recommend for anybody with a pet. No matter how much you know about caring for your pet, it is always good to ask, or check with other people with experience. When you are a total newbie it’s even more useful.

I found out a few very important things that were wrong with Joepie’s situation:

  • a round cage is a no-no, budgies do not feel save
  • the cage Joepie came in was way to small
  • the bars of the cage (or at least a bit part of them) should be horizontal, so that budgie can climb. Vertical bars can harm their beaks
  • perches should be (natural) wood, not plastic and of different sizes
  • one of Joepie’s perches had a sort of sand paper cover, which is really bad for their feet. It is said that this will keep their nails short, but the best thing to do is use natural perches of different sizes, mineral perches and/or a cement perch
  • budgies need a combination of crushed shell (grit) and small stones, for calcium and for digesting their food
  • another source of calcium is a mineral block
  • I also switched to a more complete Premium food – I use Xtravital

So I had some changes to make.

Fruit and veggies are also a daily must for every budgie. I was told that he wasn’t a big fan of veggies, but after a few days I tried getting him to sit on my hand with fennel – and he loved it! Our first bonding moment


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