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My New Room Mate

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Late in December 2010, I read the facebook status of a friend in which she asked if there was anybody who wanted to adopt their budgie: Joep.

It reads:
“Wanted, new owner for the sweetest tame budgie in Holland. (having the fireplace on and Joep out of his cage is not a good idea, we can’t leave him in the cage, he is used to his freedom and attention). Do you know anybody who would be interested?”

Growing up we always used to have cats and birds scared me a little bit, to be honest – but still this little bit of text was like a seed planted in my mind.

So at the end of the day I asked her if anybody replied to her request. “No”, he said, “Why, do you want him?”

A few days later on 30 December we went to pick him up. I had no idea how it would change my life!
I loved him from the moment we took him home, I mean, look at him!

These are the first photo’s I took of Joepie:


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