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How to get woken up by a budgie

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First introductions

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So, when Pedro moved in he lived in the big new cage and Joepie stayed in the cage he came in. They are going to move in together when they are used to each other. First, let’s see how Joepie responds to him. He has been living alone for a long time – my friend had him for about 1,5 years and she bought him in a pet shop.


When Pedro started chirping, Joepie’s whole demeanor changed. He was very alert and started looking where that sound came from. It was very cute to see.



You look just like me!





Loving the shower

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January 2011

One of the first times Joepie has a shower. He clearly loves it. There are not a lot of things more enjoyable than watching a budgie loving his morning shower.

When letting your birdie shower or bath, make sure to do it in the morning or early afternoon. They need time to dry up completely before it’s time to sleep.

Play Time

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Here’s Joepie showing his toys who’s boss!

Soon he started really liking the bell he’s head butting here. He was kissing it and regurgitate seeds on/for it.

He clearly saw the bell as a friend, which made me so sad. It really is time for him to have his own budgie to play with!


Getting to know each other

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I love apple!!

Hello lady,
Can I get some more apple?

Joepie can’t fly and this photo clearly shows his wings cross.




Starting Project Joepie

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The first thing I wanted to change for Joepie were his living conditions. His cage looks a bit boring, and since he can not fly, he has to be able to entertain himself and get exercise some other way.

I want him to have a bigger cage but

  1. he has just moved to a new house with new people, so his cage is the only familiar thing he has
  2. I want to get him a friend in the near future – when introducing a new budgie, keep them in separate cages for the first period. That way they can get to know each other without too much stress. So the new budgie can move into the new cage right away while Joepie lives in his own cage for a bit longer.

So no new cage for Joepie yet.

On the website where I found the most information and where I also joined the online forum, I found a page with cool budgie trees. It got me all inspired, so I got my boyfriend to come with me to the woods and find a good branch to make one ourselves.

This was the end results. Joepie looks happy with it!

I also found a cool climbing toy for him in the pet shop. By the way, pet shops are now my favorite shops. When we are in a new city and see one, I always have to nip in.

So that’s stage 1 complete!

Budgie Basics

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January 2011

So, now I have a budgie in the house..

In love

Growing up, we always had cats and I don’t really know how to take care of a budgie -except that I always felt strongly that they should not be kept alone- and to be honest, birds always used to scare me a little.

So I spent the next few days googling and googling and googling. I also joined a budgie forum, which I can really recommend for anybody with a pet. No matter how much you know about caring for your pet, it is always good to ask, or check with other people with experience. When you are a total newbie it’s even more useful.

I found out a few very important things that were wrong with Joepie’s situation:

  • a round cage is a no-no, budgies do not feel save
  • the cage Joepie came in was way to small
  • the bars of the cage (or at least a bit part of them) should be horizontal, so that budgie can climb. Vertical bars can harm their beaks
  • perches should be (natural) wood, not plastic and of different sizes
  • one of Joepie’s perches had a sort of sand paper cover, which is really bad for their feet. It is said that this will keep their nails short, but the best thing to do is use natural perches of different sizes, mineral perches and/or a cement perch
  • budgies need a combination of crushed shell (grit) and small stones, for calcium and for digesting their food
  • another source of calcium is a mineral block
  • I also switched to a more complete Premium food – I use Xtravital

So I had some changes to make.

Fruit and veggies are also a daily must for every budgie. I was told that he wasn’t a big fan of veggies, but after a few days I tried getting him to sit on my hand with fennel – and he loved it! Our first bonding moment